We believe in people and people supporting people. We want to encourage people to support people. after all we are all humans, everywhere, no matter in which country and into which culture we are born, if we are well-off or under-previleged. we need to help each other out.

nyima nepal focusses on education. we have seen and experienced that so many people (in Nepal and many other places) do not get the opportunity – for whatever reasons – to learn and study. we are convinced that education is the foundation for a self-determined life. literacy and access to English open up the world to people.

We, the two founders of nyima nepal, are from two different cultures, different parts of the world and have always had a strong interest in looking into and experiencing other places and ways of life.

Together, with your help, we are committed to build a compassionate alliance of people around the world to support people who have not been so fortunate. 

Swoyam P. Joshee

+977 9841920716

nyima nepal Nicola

Nicola N. Aale
+49 (0) 179 523 0125

Nicola was raised in Northern Germany by her English mother and German father speaking both English and German.
After completing a degree in communication design she worked in the media business for more than 15 years as a designer and online communications adviser for international clients in the US, Asia and Europe.
Fascinated by cultures and languages Nicola always enjoyed travelling and spent almost two years in Nepal and India, where she taught English, went trekking and studied in an ashram. She met her Nepali husband in India, they moved to Europe when their daughter was born and have been living there since. They travel to Nepal frequently to see family and friends as well as visit, coordinate and create new nyima nepal projects.