“I looked at the kids’ faces and they were full of hope, determination and the desire to learn. Most of all, I was surprised to see how disciplined they were. They played a few tunes that they had learned in music class. The way they played as a team was just awesome.”


Nepal is a developing country, nearly half of the population remains below the poverty line of US $1.25 a day. In 2011 the overall literacy rate was only 65,9% (54,1% in 2001). Financial situation in families is closely linked to education, a family with a very small income will find itself unable to support their childrens’ schooling.

The principal of our school, an ex-army administrative staff, with a Phd in Nepali literature, runs the school mainly by his own income. He left the army 8 years on self retirement with an intention to do something for the lower income families who could barely offer education to their children.

nyima nepal community school music

If you love children, like to teach, play and give them an opportunity to grow their knowledge and skills, this is the right project for you.

Students will be arranged in groups depending on the command they have over English language. You will prepare the teaching materials and take classes over a period of time and teach for two to three hours every day. However, you need not restrict their lessons to just that. Any sort of involvement aimed towards the betterment of school and the students is welcome. How about music lessons, miniature golf in the school yard, taking care of the school horse… what is your special skill you can pass on?

Should you be confident to teach English you will get a chance to teach conversational and written English to young Nepali students and help them to better communicate and express. It is all about providing the young ones a wider exposure, and what could better serve the purpose than teaching English – a language that is the international standard of communication?

You will teach in a community school located to the north-east of Kathmandu. Here, you will only be about 1.5 kilometres away from a popular tourist destination Boudhanath. A five minute ride will get you to good restaurants and popular tourist hangouts. In your free-time you can visit the half dozen UNESCO world heritage sites situated inside Kathmandu valley. Also, the hills around Kathmandu valley offer good hillside retreats to unwind.

You would be expected to have a good command over English language. Your level of comfort being around children will be an added advantage. Needless to mention, we would expect you to be open minded, flexible, compassionate and very understanding of the living standard in a developing country. 

Just come inspired and demonstrate your commitment through knowledge transfer. 

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