“The trip to the monastery near Kathmandu was very touching. Rarely before have I had the feeling to be in the here and now. Taking part in the prayers and talking with the nuns provided a wonderful insight into Tibetan Buddhism.”


nyima gumba

There are countless, primarily tibetan buddhist, monasteries in Nepal. The monks and nuns, many of them children study the teachings of Lord Buddha. Their daily schedule includes lessons, puja (ceremony in Tibetan), meals and community work which is strictly organised. There are only basic English lessons, so they will be looking to you to improve their English.

Life in a monastery is simple and you will be expected to share this life with them, but it offers great rewards and is also a lot of fun.


Experience the monastic life in a remote and peaceful setting, get to know the joyful and cordial monks and nuns and take part in the puja, a profound and unique experience.

The monastery is approx. 1,5 hours away from the centre of Kathmandu and is located in the hills surrounding Kathmandu valley. This is quite a remote and peaceful place so you will not find any restaurants or shops close by. The surrounding hills are great for walking!
You will have an amazing view across the valley and – on clear days – the snow-peaked mountains far behind. For shopping or other day trips there is a bus connecting the monastery to Kathmandu city or you can share a cab with the nuns and monks.
You will be expected to be happy with the simple life in a monastery and to be comfortable spending some time by yourself. The nuns and monks are very busy at times and you might like to read, meditate or hike on your own. There will be many occasions to mix and have fun with them and you will make friends here. The nuns and monks will be happy for you to join them for puja ceremony and other activities, however you are not expected to.
We also request that you comply with the monastery rules such as no alcohol, smoking and inappropriate clothes. In regards to teaching you can arrange classes according to your English level.
You can expect great and fun people in the monasteries who will be very interested in talking to you. Your accommodation will be more comfortable than the normal rooms which are always shared. There will be plenty of – simple – food, tea brakes and snacks that you can share in groups.

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