We understand the doubts and queries that may arise before travelling to unknown territories for volunteering. Here’s how to expect things to progress before and during your trip:


Preparing for the trip:

Ø  from among the projects that are laid out, you decide which project interests you the most and the time when you would like to travel to Nepal

Ø  just write to us, or call us and we will be happy to answer all your project and travel related queries including travel preparations like packing list, flight details, immunisation or any culture-sensitive details you are wondering about

Ø  draft a personal statement that communicates your level of interest and commitment for volunteering

Ø  place your bookings with nyima nepal so that we can go ahead and make arrangements to prepare your selected project for your arrival. Also, book your flights and provide us details about the same

Ø  at this point, we require an advanced payment (20%), remaining of which needs to be transferred once we finalize your project requirements, i.e. two weeks before your arrival in Nepal


Once in Nepal:

Ø  you arrive at Tribhuwan International Airport, Kathmandu and we will pick you up from there. Be sure to forward your travel itinerary beforehand

Ø  you are transferred to your accommodation, at which point, your cultural immersion begins

Ø  we answer all your queries relating to Nepali language, culture and way of life

Ø  we accompany you to your chosen project, where we make sure you are settled in and ready to head on to your project

Ø  at all times, we will be just a phone call away to answer your queries or to help you as may the need be

Ø if you are interested in treks or sight-seeing in Nepal, we will recommend and/or arrange those for you

Ø  we make sure your help goes to the worthy and in the process you learn and grow while also having a lot of fun


Send your enquiry to nyima nepal